Check 1, 2 – This Is Me

Do you remember the first time you picked up an instrument? I do. It was a $3 plastic recorder from the news agency. I was 4 years old. Mum was buying my older brother, Col, a bunch of school supplies for his first day of Highschool. After trailing behind them through the store for what seemed like hours, I spotted it. Hanging on the side of a shelf in its little plastic pouch. I didn’t know what it was called, I just knew that it would make a noise when I blew. I begged mum for it and with no regard for her future peace and quiet, she willingly bought it for me.

When we got home, I pulled out that recorder and gave it a blow. Nothing happened. Col scruffed up my hair and flipped the recorder around, “It works a little better when you blow into the right end little mate”, he chuckled. He was right. I played that recorder day and night, practicing to anyone who would listen, taking lessons from anyone who would offer a suggestion. That was when I realised I love music.

Since those days, I’ve never really stopped playing music. I learned the piano because Dad always said, “If you can learn to read music and play the piano, you can play anything”. I taught myself to play the guitar when I was 12, and I sang my heart out until I could really sing, then I sang my little heart out some more. By the time I was 19, I was putting lyrics to my music and singing my own songs. I was convinced I could make a living as a singer-songwriter straight out of high school.

I was wrong, the odd pub gig gave me a little bit of cash, but not enough to pay the bills. I decided I needed a day job until I had enough experience to make money doing what I loved most. I took a job as a tow truck driver and there I stayed for 7 years. It took that long to earn enough money as a singer-songwriter to do it as my full-time gig. Now after being in the music biz as a professional for 6 years, I feel as though I want to blog about my experiences with all of you. If you read my previous posts, you’ll know that I’m 32, still in the prime of my life. I live in the great city of Brisbane with my partner, Jody, and her cat, ‘Mr. Whiskers’. Funnily enough, I still have that little plastic recorder that started it all. Perhaps I can find it a special place in my new home studio. Ciao for now!