Out With The Old, In With The New

I’m pinching myself. I never thought I would blog about renovating the old spare bedroom into a proper recording studio. But here I am. My new studio is almost done and there is nothing left for me to do now except blog about the process (it keeps me from bothering the painters as they put the finishing touches on everything). Today I want to share with you an unexpected piece of wisdom I learned during this experience. When you renovate you absolutely need to hire a skip bin. I hired mine from a skip bin hire Ipswich dealer and I can’t believe I ever thought I could get by without one. If you still think you don’t need one, just do yourself a favour, next time you renovate or do any kind of clean-out, just hire that skip bin and thank me later.

Think of the money.
The idea of hiring a skip bin may seem expensive at first, but let me tell you, that skip bin will well and truly pay for itself by the time your job is done. Before any tradesmen began, I set about the task of gutting the 4th bedroom to have it ready for the builders. I wanted to do this bit myself, mainly because I like smashing things. My brother, Col, turned up to help, before he even said hello, he was straight into me about hiring a skip bin. He said he didn’t sign up for a million tip runs, so like a good little brother, I hired a skip bin.

Col was right. We ended up tossing so much rubble into that skip bin, it would have cost us hundreds in tip fees, fuel, and trailer hire. When you do the numbers, it becomes quite clear that the cost of hiring a skip bin is far less than the cost of carting it to the tip yourself.

Having the skip bin sitting right on the driveway meant that Col and I had only 8 short steps from the renovation area to the skip bin. When I think now about all those old cupboards, carpet, flimsy weathered gyprock walls, chairs, bedside tables, and one very lumpy old mattress with matching double bed frame, I shudder to imagine hauling it all to the tip. If I didn’t have that skip bin, I would’ve spent half my day fighting with a ratchet strap, and the other half of the day stuck in Brisbane traffic before busting my back unloading it all at the tip. Hiring the skip bin meant I didn’t need a trailer, I didn’t need to tie any loads down, and best of all, I didn’t need to compete with Brisbane traffic on the way to and from the tip.

The best part is, because skip bins have so much space, we were able to get rid of other waste from around the house before the skip bin was picked up for us. Hiring a skip bin may seem like an extreme measure for a small renovation, but the only thing extreme about it is the convenience and all that money you will save. It’s extremely good for your sanity and your wallet.

Ciao for now!

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