New Studio – Final Touches

Now that my home studio is finished, I spend so much time just admiring it, that I haven’t got a lot of actual songwriting or recording done. I’m sure no one could blame me; This space is seriously beautiful, and I can’t help but think that most of that credit needs to go to the local commercial painting Brisbane team who I hired to do all the painting. I feel like that giant crab in the Moana movie. I am surrounded by shiny new surfaces. My new studio is everything I dreamt it could be and nothing is drab for this giant crab any longer. It’s a pity I can’t get Dwayne Johnson to sing on one of my tracks like he did for that movie. You never know, my home studio dreams have come true so perhaps my dreams of singing with The Rock will come true too. Here’s why I’m so glad I hired a team of commercial painters for my home recording studio.

A special job calls for special skills.
Commercial painters have a different set of skills than residential painters. Residential painters have mastered the art of painting a domestic home to its full glory but lack experience in a commercial setting. Commercial painters have adapted to a wide range of jobs. Each commercial premise comes with different surfaces, obstacles, and needs. These painters are highly experienced in working in many different environments and can handle any kind of commercial enterprise. I knew that I needed painters with a little more experience to paint what is essentially a professional studio, even though it is situated within a residential home.

More than just four walls and a floor.
Commercial painters are used to painting around some intricate surfaces and equipment. My studio is no different. There is barely a flat surface in the place, and some very expensive electrical wiring and switches that need to remain paint-drip free. My painters set about the process of painting the inside and outside of my studio with confidence and care. It gave me peace of mind to know that real professionals were at the helm. Commercial painters are skilled in shop fit-outs, so they were able to install the soundproofing material and the sound control panel before painting it all to perfection. The surfaces look beautiful but are also top quality.

Pragmatic and high tech.
Commercial painters are all professional painters. They cannot use unskilled laborers in their line of work. They also have a set process of protocols that ensure the quality of the entire project. This was one of the main reasons I chose to hire commercial painters over residential painters. It all came down to assured quality.

Commercial painters also have an incredible knowledge of technology and can take your painting job to new heights. I didn’t know that there was such a thing as soundproof paint until my commercial painters suggested it during the quoting stage. The paint they used has a special kind of technology that creates a great acoustic sound in any room. It’s just another reason why my commercial painters have absolutely nailed the final leg of the building process and created my ideal recording studio.

Ciao for now!

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