Getting Ready For The New Studio

What kind of set up do you have to record at home?

If you’re like me, your home setup has gone through the natural process of evolution that happens at every singer-songwriter’s home. First, you get yourself a USB mic and plug it straight into your PC. You download whatever free editing software you can find and feel like a big-time music star!

After a while, you decide you need a quiet space. You move all your gear to the spare room and make it your cave of music heaven. The next phase in the evolution of the home studio is an equipment upgrade. You decide that you need an XLR mic and an interface so you get the cheapest ones and love being able to create a better sound. You spend hours plucking away on your guitar and putting your lyrics to music. Your songs actually sound pretty good. ‘How great is my home studio!’ You marvel to yourself on the reg.

After a little while, you outgrow your equipment and you know you need more to turn your hobby into a career. You also can’t stand having to push all of your gear into a cupboard whenever you have visitors come to stay. You’re getting frustrated when the guy next door is mowing his lawn because the room just isn’t soundproofed enough. You decide it’s time to finally evolve to the final stage. You know it’s time to build a legit home recording studio.

(Here’s a nice video talking about setting up a home studio)

That is where I am right now. I’m getting ready to take that last evolutionary leap into creating my own studio space at home. Jody and I decided that after so many years of makeshift music-making and borrowing other people’s studios, it was time for me to have my own purpose-built recording studio. A place where I can shut out the sounds of the world, and work on my music in peace. We’re working on plans to renovate the fourth bedroom. It’s will have a fully soundproofed interior, an airlock, a sound room separate from the studio room, and all upgraded professional quality hardware and software. It’s a big undertaking but I’m so excited to take my work to the next level and have my own special area to create musical magic. Come along on my quest to build my dream studio. I’ll be blogging about it as it happens.

Ciao for now!

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