David Martin's Latest Album - Silky Smooth Moments

David started his career in the music industry as a singer, working in pubs, clubs and theatres around the UK.  So this new album is regarded by many as being a product long overdue.

As a member of the highly successful group Butterscotch in the 70’s David enjoyed chart success before teaming up with Geoff Morrow and Chris Arnold to form a globally envied songwriting partnership that produced hits for internationally known artists around the world.

David has sung with the James Last Orchestra and co-produced musicals for the West End stage but his love of the American Songbook songwriters prompted a return to the studio to record an album of great standard songs. A chance remark by the record producer, Graham Noon, describing a track as “Silky Smooth” prompted David to pen the title track which is destined to make an enduring impact on lovers of romantic music everywhere.